The Saiitii Manifestation is a tribute to the master of occult horror William Hope Hodgson (1877-1918) and a continuation of his Carnacki the Ghost Finder stories.

carnacki pre pub image 01

The stories were published in 1913.  Hodgson may have planned to write more but there were no more.  Hodgson died a hero on the battlefield of Ypres in April 1918.  So I found myself wondering, what might have happened to Carnacki and his circle after the war, when ghost-hunting lost its popular appeal in favour of talking to the dead, of whom there were so many millions – including, of course, Hodgson himself?

The Saiitii Manifestation is the result.  I hope I have retained the flavour of the originals and done Hodgson no disservice.  Let me be clear, I am a huge fan – of the man as well as the literature.


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