You might call it medieval noir…

Savage Company new cover image 2015 (695x1025)

Violent times breed violent men.

In the third decade of the Fourteenth Century even kings can be murdered without consequences.  The killers of kings rule in their stead, sleep with their queens, and suck the kingdom dry.  Honourable men are driven into outlawry.

Eustace Folville is an honourable man – but he ambushes and kills an Exchequer Baron.

This is what he has to say about that—

In the forests and the wastes an alternative outlaw society flourishes, with thugs and schemers and captains and even kings.

James Cotterell is King of Peak, leader of the Savage Company.  The Sheriff is powerless against such men.  But there are men with greater power.

The outcome, inevitably, is bloody.

We all know the legend.  The question is, are these the real men and women behind the legend?

Please read the EXTRACT (click on the arrow beside ABOUT SAVAGE COMPANY on the menu to the left)


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