About The Relict

Carnaki the Relict

A direct continuation of The Saiitii Manifestation, The Relict begins with those left behind by the weird events in Putney.

Life is especially hard for the family of Percy Jessop, who cannot access his wealth until either his body is found or seven years have elapsed since his disappearance. Then Mrs Jessop receives an invitation signed ‘M Carnacki’. If she or her representative can attend the former Carnacki residence in Cheyne Walk Chelsea they might hear something to their advantage. Mrs Jessop, naturally, can’t go – she has her invalid daughter to attend to. But her younger daughters go.

On Cheyne Walk they meet the son of Reggie Arkright, who also vanished that night in Putney. In the top floor flat they meet the Relict. And then … and then the portal opens on an occult infestation and the evening gets weirder and weirder. Included with the story is ‘The Bronze Medal’, the first of three scenes from the short life of William Hope Hodgson, creator of Carnacki the Ghostfinder.

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