Out now – the Continuum continues

Sigil Final Cover

The third instalment of the Carnacki Continuum. After a night of shocks and surprises, the Jessop sisters call in the professionals – the discredited inventor Sir Barnard Buxton and Lorne’s friend from the Psycho-Analytic Society, the enigmatic Dr John. They set out to hunt down the inter-dimensional creatures which have passed through the portal – only to lose the bizarre creature who calls himself Sigil along the way. They find him, eventually, in the abandoned underground station in King William Street. They find more – much more – than they bargained for.





3 thoughts on “Out now – the Continuum continues

  1. I had to laugh when I saw that you had visited and followed The Old Fossil Writes…and that’s not a bad thing! Not at all!

    When I first saw mention of your book, “Relict”, nearly 4 weeks ago, I was all, “Good lord…spell it right, for pete’s sake!” Almost immediately, I checked myself for arrogance :/

    Yeah, a quick Google search for “define relict Oxford dictionaries” set me straight and knocked my keister down to the hard ground with a resounding “THWUMP”!!

    (even now, my spell check has the word, ‘relict’ underlined in red! How arrogance spreads!!)

    Thanks for visiting and following The Old Fossil…and for increasing my vocabulary!!!

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