Anatomy Inspector enhanced artwork

The mention of the galvanic battery … recalls to my memory a well-known and very extraordinary case in point, where its action proved the means of restoring to animation a young attorney of London, who had been interred for two days. This occurred in 1831, and created, at the time, a very profound sensation wherever it was made the subject of converse.

Edgar Allan Poe “The Premature Burial”

A pre-Halloween preview of the next TWISTED TALE


A tale of fish and chips and brotherly love


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3 thoughts on “Latest…

  1. I had to laugh when I saw that you had visited and followed The Old Fossil Writes…and that’s not a bad thing! Not at all!

    When I first saw mention of your book, “Relict”, nearly 4 weeks ago, I was all, “Good lord…spell it right, for pete’s sake!” Almost immediately, I checked myself for arrogance :/

    Yeah, a quick Google search for “define relict Oxford dictionaries” set me straight and knocked my keister down to the hard ground with a resounding “THWUMP”!!

    (even now, my spell check has the word, ‘relict’ underlined in red! How arrogance spreads!!)

    Thanks for visiting and following The Old Fossil…and for increasing my vocabulary!!!

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