At last the new story is out


Finally, I have managed to get Scaife & Scaife up onto Smashwords. I’m quite pleased with it. I guess it’s more in the strain of Razorback than Patasola or The Anatomy Inspector. Meanwhile I’m polishing up another creepy story, called There are no wolves in Lancashire, which might be described as a metamorphic tale. Certainly the inspiration came from Ovid via the Ted Hughes version. The following is my version of Hughes’s version of Ovid:

Ovid tells us that the first werewolf was Lycaon, the cannibal king of Arcadia. He tells us that unspeakable crimes and insufferable pride brought lightning down upon the head of the king. Quite literally so. The shock of primal force evidently drove Lycaon from his wits. In his madness Lycaon believed he had metamorphosed into a wolf. He behaved as a wolf. He lived as a wolf. And over time he became a wolf. What Ovid fails to tell us, though, is how the other wolves, the natural-born wolves, responded to the interloper.

Lancashire wolf



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