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I have graduated four times from three different English universities.  All my degrees are drama-based.  My PhD thesis was entitled “Radio Drama at the Crossroads” (2008).   A lot of this site will consist of material related to my research and on-going academic projects.  I have written four radio plays for the BBC.  On a recent visit to the BBC Written Archives at Caversham I found them in the script archive, which was a bit of a bracer.

I have been a member of British Actors Equity since 1976.  I was a member of the Writers Guild of Great Britain for many years and served on their radio committee from 2005-8.

In September 2011 I very rapidly lost my sight.  Turned out it was a hereditary pituitary tumour weighing heavy on my optic nerve.  Urgent neurosurgery at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham was a brilliant success.  It cured the visual problem completely, but the damage to my endocrine system was permanent.  I lack energy to a remarkable extent and am permanently somewhat depressed.  I have acute social phobia but, then again, I was always a miserable antisocial swine anyway.

I can still think, I can still write both academically and creatively.  It takes me a lot longer than it used to but I like to think that is because I’m doing it better.

I could always draw pretty well – the first postgraduate course I was offered was the Arts Council scene design course – but I was a rotten painter.  Now, several decades later, I have celebrated my regained sight by taking up painting again.  I have no intention of trying to make money through my artwork.  I really don’t care what anyone else thinks about it.  I do this purely for pleasure.


One thought on “About Me

  1. After 40 years – Hi Roger! Last seen at the Gulbenkian Centre. You have my sympathy – in the sense of fellow feeling – over your health troubles; my wife Alison (also at Hull, not in Drama though) has developed considerable mobility problems and is now dependent on a wheelchair – I am her fulltime carer, my career as a TV producer on a probable permanent hold. I don’t have your obvious control over social media so I don’t know if you ever got a message from me some months ago about a Hull reunion event. I’m guessing that your social phobia means that you would welcome this as much as scabies but as the driving intention behind the “do” is to give some help to the current students by passing on our life experience I wonder if you might be willing to contribute in some other way, perhaps by writing a piece, perhaps by chipping in via Skype, perhaps you might have another way. While my strong personal preference would be to meet up with you again in the flesh, I quite understand if this doesn’t suit you. If you want more info, or if you would just like to say hello or bugger off and leave me alone, just drop me an email. Any way, best wishes to you.

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