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SAVAGE COMPANY, my new novella

Available on Kindle from September 24 2014

I’ve always loved novellas.  Some of the best writers of the Twentieth Century wrote some of their best material in novella form.  D H Lawrence was a master.  Then, of course, there’s Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice.  But come the Millennium, you couldn’t publish them except in collections, which leaves you with a book of long short stories, which rather defeats the object.  Then along came Amazon Kindle, Nook and other e-book publishers.  Now you can make your story just as long as it needs to be.  No padding, no waffle.  Well, anyway, this is my first attempt.  Three years of refinement and polishing.  It costs 75p – so, really, what have either of us got to lose?

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Louis MacNeice: Enter Caesar

julius caesar

Enter Caesar, broadcast in the BBC Home Service on September 20 1946, is the first text in the chronologically ordered Persons from Porlock and other plays for radio (BBC 1969), but it is not and never was a play.

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